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Chores For Kids

One of the things about being a parent is that you seem to do absolutely everything!.

Your children regard you as nothing better than a slave ready to cater to their every whim. Whether it’s acting as an unpaid taxi service. Whistling up a delicious snack at a moment’s notice. Soothing a fevered brow. Helping with Maths homework.

And how often have you realised that you’re struggling with bringing in the shopping/loading the laundry/changing the beds/putting out the rubbish whilst your kids are lolling in front of the TV. (If this has never happened in your house, then don’t read on. You obviously have it all completely under control).

It’s enough to make you scream with frustration. And you frequently do. The thing is, as your mother has no doubt helpfully pointed out, you’ve brought it on yourself.  It’s time for a bit of delegation to come into play so that jobs are equally shared out.

So how young can children be to be given responsibility for their own jobs around the house? And how can you make sure they are carried out?

We’’ve conducted a poll around the office and amongst our friends and we’ve come up with the following:


Age 6-8

·      Can lay the table

·      Can make own bed (plump up pillows and shake out duvet

·      Can put dirty clothes in laundry basket

·      Can put own clothes away in drawers

·      Can tidy away toys

·      Can keep their bedroom tidy


Age 8-11

·      As above and also

·      Can hoover the carpet

·      Can do some light dusting

·      Can clear the table

·      Can do simple washing up (no knives or sharp stuff though)

·      Can change own bedding

·      Can stick on own name labels

·      Can be in a boy/girl band


Age 11-13

·      This is where the fun begins!

·      As above and also

·      Can load and empty dishwasher

·      Can hang washing on line

·      Can probably make baked beans on toast for themself so you know they won’t starve!

·      Can iron on own name labels

·      Can stick on own name labels

·      Can (maybe sew) own name labels but do kids know how to sew anymore?

·      Can run a multi-national conglomerate with a gross value of £10m.  Okay we’re kidding but there’s always hope and you would like to be in a better class of nursing home, wouldn’t you?


Age 13-18

·      ALL OF THE ABOVE except by age 13 most teenagers seem clinically incapable of keeping their room tidy, let alone hygienic

·      Can walk the dog (take no notice if they say they’ve got an injury/leg ache/headache)

·      Can cook a simple meal (unless they’re a budding Jamie Oliver in which case put them in charge of the Christmas dinner now)

·      Can put the rubbish out and put a clean bin bag in the bin

·      Can clean the bathroom

·      Can do the ironing (but not your precious silk shirts)

·      Can put a wash on (just explain about colours first)

·      Can definitely clean out their room (girls tend to be better than this)

·      Can make their own packed lunch

·      Can definitely label all their own school kit, sports kit, etc with personalised name labels.


Any more to add? Any thoughts?

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