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When one of my family members recently went into the hospital, I spotted stuck on the locker next to his bed, a piece of paper called the “Locker List”.  It was a helpful guide to what you need to pack for a short term stay in hospital.

Out came the mobile phone for a photo (after asking permission first) so I could share it with you and take some of the stress away from an anxious time. We have even gone one step further and made up a Hospital/Short term pack to label everything, so if it escapes from the locker, it won’t get lost!

Please click on the picture below for a printable checklist

locker personalisation labels items hospital short stay pack care

The Hospital and Short Stay Pack is made up of:-

60 Clothing Stick-on labels for the day and nightclothes, laundry bag and hand towels

30 stickers of various shapes and sizes for the mirror, toiletries, medication, tissues and incontinence supplies

6 pairs of shoe labels for the slippers and day shoes you come in and out in (you have an option to choose this as an add on)

hospital short stay stick on pack personalisation care quick speedy clothing items

Even better news, as these hospital stays don’t always give you much notice, if you order by 2 pm they are out the same day, and there is a shipping option to choose next day guaranteed delivery, so we have you covered.

Just a little side note, if you are packing your hospital bag excitedly awaiting the arrival of a new member of the family, this pack is excellent too, so that if you leave anything behind (preferably not the new addition), you can go back and retrieve it.

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Emma x

1 Comments To "What do I need to pack for a short term stay in hospital?"

Jenny R. On 13 Mar 2020
Thanks for getting these labels to me so quickly, they were perfect. For anyone else going to a hospital checkout this great packing list on NHS site. Reply to this comment
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