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The Importance of Labelling Stationery

In today’s world, labels have become even more important, especially for items that we wouldn’t always have thought of labelling, like masks and stationary. 

Sadly, the joys of sharing your coloured pencils are no longer permitted, so making sure they are named is essential. 

Making sure stationery is labelled is key – it will not only help the items from going missing, it will help keep your family safe. 

Personalised name labels can really boost a child’s confidence. If they see their name on their items it will give them a sense of ownership.


variety stick on stationery pencils pen ruler stickers labels tags

Our handy waterproof pencil labels work a treat, as do our variety stickers so there is a sticker for all shapes and sizes. Most of the time your child’s teacher will ask you to label your child’s school stationery – this will help the expense of items being replaced as well as helping the teacher returning it to the rightful owner instead of the children saying it was their’s when it isn’t. Having a child’s name on their items is also a perfect way for them to practise how to spell their name correctly – so yes… you’re killing two birds with one stone if you like. 

Why stop at labelling stationery?

We have tried to share our experience as parents and put together discounted value packs to make life a little easier on both your pocket and time. They are made up of labels that we know work well together so you don’t have too many of one label and not enough of another.

All our value packs come with a clothing labelling solution which can be either stick-on, iron-on or sew on. They also come with belongings or possessions labelling solution. These stick-on labels come in various label sizes and are dishwasher safe, ideal for water bottles, books, stationery and lots more. Remember not to forget to label shoes, as these can be the hardest and most expensive to replace.

CLICK HERE to download our full Back to School checklist

variety stick on stationery pencils pen ruler stickers labels tags clothing school 

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Good luck and stay safe!

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