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Woven labels take up to 14 days produce-in a rush try printed sew-on labels 

Woven Sew on Narrow Craft Name Tape

0.4" or 1.0 cm width (Length according to the number of characters used) - 36 LABELS FROM

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 Design It 


 Made on our traditional looms so of superior quality and finish

 Extra cotton threads used to make definition between the letters/numbers more sharp and clearer to read

 The labels have sealed edges so they don’t fray

 The closest you can get to a bespoke label designed to fit your creation and style but these are affordable!


 The label measures 0.4" or 1.0 cm width (Length according to the number of characters used)

 So many different text and label colours to choose from, so enjoy playing around to find one that is unique to you.

 Choice of 6 text styles

 Choice of 6 design images

 They take a little longer to produce, up to 14 working days, but it’s worth it!

How much does it cost?

First Class Costs £0.99 (Delivered 1-3 Days)

How long will it take to produce?

Order by 2.00pm despatched sameday Mon-Fri (Excludes Woven Labels)

Can I have my order Delivered Next day?

Yes, For £7.95 (You will need to be in to sign for it)

How much do I need to spend for free shipping?

Free shipping is including for all orders costing £13.99 and above

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Yes average order will fit through standard post box

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Royal Mail 1st Class

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