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PTA Fundraising Programme

Let’s get this confession out of the way first, there is a capitalist heart beating somewhere within us. As much as we love what we do here, we do need to eat, dress ourselves and prefer to sleep in a home, not the office. So we do need to make some money, please don’t hate us for it – that’s just the way society works.

Having said all of this though, we also firmly believe in giving a little something back. So here’s how we do it –

1 – Sign Up Below

If you want us to support your school, club or PTA and raise some cash for them then all you need to do is sign up below creating your own affiliate programme.

2 – Do a little bit of work

Spread the word by putting the special link on your website and send parents an email, or go old school and mention it during playground chitty chat. That’s some work for you to do – sorry.

3 - Get Free Cash

Every time one of your PTA members makes a purchase from us, using the special link you’ve created - the PTA will then receive 20% of the order total.

At the end of each month we’ll send you a cheque for the amount raised, and we’ll keep sending you a cheque every month when someone makes a purchase. Just make sure that everyone is entering the voucher code so we can track you.

That’s about it really – simple. If you’d like banners for your website then just contact us and we can provide those for you. We’ll try and be as flexible as possible, just email or call.

The small print.

  1. We can only set up affiliate schemes for official representatives of the school or PTA. We’ll know if you aren’t.
  2. We can only pay on orders where the link was used at time of purchase. We have no way of telling after the order has been placed if you don’t use it – so our word is final, sorry.
  3. We’ll pay your school every month by cheque. Until the world stops using cheques anyway.

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