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Mini White ONCE® Iron on Value Pack

Mini White ONCE® Iron on Value Pack

50 White Mini ONCE® Iron on & 30 Vinyl Stick on

£14.99 Ex VAT: £12.49
* 1. Personalise
* 2. Line One
2. Line Two
* 2. Picture On Label
* 3. Label Text Style
* 4. Text Colour
5. Stick-on Label Text Colour
* 6. Stick-on Label Colour
* 7. Foot shaped shoe labels (£5.99)

It’s true, great things do come in small packages! With this in mind the Mini ONCE® Iron on label may be perfect for you. Measuring 1.1" x 0.5" or 2.8 cm x 1.2 cm making it more discreet and a label older children and adults might well prefer in their clothing. This label is great to put neatly into underwear or socks.

Mini ONCE® Iron On Name Label Features –

  • White label only
  • Choice of 7 text colours – black, greenbluepinkredsilver or gold
  • Choice of 3 fonts - arial - comic sans or kristen
  • Create text on up to two lines (max of 10 characters per line - if you want to only use one line you can)


“Why choose our ONCE® Iron on label instead of the Standard Iron on label?”

They only take 6 seconds per label to apply. The Standard Iron on takes 3 lots of 15 seconds per label with a cooling in between each application.

The ONCE® is tried and tested to last in industrial washers and driers at very high temperatures with no fear of them coming off or fading. *Do not soak in bleach or strong whitening agents as this could cause them to fade*.

Made of a material kind to sensitive skin.

No sharp edges that lift.  The edges are rounded and smooth.

A favourite all-rounder that will go into almost every item in your wardrobe.

Fast turn around.


Our Vinyl stick on labels help identify and keep track of all sorts of possessions including baby bottles, bags, folders, mobile phones, lunch boxes and drinks bottles – in fact almost anything that isn’t clothes!. Measuring 2.5 " x 0.4" or 6.5 cm x 1.2 cm. They are dishwasher, steriliser and microwave friendly but please don't stick them into shoes, we do offer some really neat shoe labels especially shaped for this purpose. Oh, and they come in lots of lovely colours!

Vinyl Stick on Name Label Features –

  • Black text only
  • Choice of 6 label colours – White, greenbluepinkred, & yellow
  • Choice of over 50 unique clipart logos
  • Choice of 3 fonts
  • Create text on one line or two (max of 19 characters)

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